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Maes Staudt Advocaten N.V. ,

Maes Staudt Advocaten N.V. ,
Hofstraat 181
5641 TD  Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 - 290 99 55
Fax: +31 (0)40 - 290 99 50
Email: info@maes-staudt.nl
Website: www.maes-staudt.nl

An introduction

Successful business people are flexible and creative. They do not throw in the towel when the labour market gets too overstrained. They look for solutions. Within their own country or outside; it does not matter, so long as it effectively gets the company moving forward.

Whether introducing foreign workers or posting Dutch workers, these two options have to give the company a strategic, economic and business advantage. Everything therefore has to be organized well. Not only for the short term. Because too often short-lived success leads to long-term headaches. But not when Maes Staudt Lawyers are called in as a strategic partner.

Maes Staudt Lawyers provide a unique combination of specialist knowledge in the area of labour law and labour migration. You can therefore rest assured that all aspects of your national and international employment is looked after, to the finest of details. Now and in the future.