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Need help with Dutch work and residence permits?
ExpatLaw is the legal specialist in preparing and filing work and residence permit applications with the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service, otherwise known as the IND.

Immigration law firms in the Netherlands charge up to
250/hour which is too expensive for the average individual or small business. Our fully-computerized application administration system can save you over 50% from typical law firm fees while guaranteeing the highest level of service and accuracy. Unlike other law firms, we don't charge you extra for office expenses or answering your phone calls and email. Our focus is on residence permit applications, not litigation, accounting, relocation or anything else. That's why you'll get the best service at the lowest price with ExpatLaw.

Interested in the Dutch American Friendship Treaty?
There is a special class of residence permit which allows American citizens to work on a self-employed basis in the Netherlands. Read all about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

Let us help you.
Dealing with Dutch immigration law and the IND is much easier with the help of a qualified immigration attorney. Whether you are coming to the Netherlands for the first time on a Dutch travel visa, or have been here for many years, it's important to understand the rules which apply to your situation. And to get professional help to maximize the chances of getting your Dutch travel visa or residence permit application approved.

If you are looking for understandable advice from an experienced immigration attorney regarding your stay in Holland, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.