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Rolegal LLP Suite 404, 324-326, Regent Street
W1B 3HH London
Tel: +44 (0) 203-287 0408
Fax: +44 (0) 203-287 0408
Website: http://www.bridgewest.eu

BridgeWest is an International Consulting Company based in London created for international clients looking to expand to the European market. Our company has been created by people with important experience in assisting international clients in their business throughout the continent. They discovered that investors need quick information and assistance when it comes to setting up a new business abroad, selecting an accountant, collecting debt from a company located overseas or other related services.

BridgeWest specializes in Company Registration Services throughout Europe. We have also developed our business in such a manner to include other services often requested by our clients such as trademark registration, debt collection and more.

BridgeWest is a cost-efficient alternative to multinational consulting companies. We believe that the international market needs decently-priced consulting services and we are able to deliver that by working with a network of verified local affiliates. This structure enables us to provide better servicing and pricing as well become a source of valuable information for investors worldwide.