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French Mortgage Advice
12-7 Rue du Parc
78130  Chapet
Tel: 00 33 1 34 74 91 64
Fax: 00 33 1 30 91 48 66
Email: info@french-mortgage-advice.com
Website: http://www.french-mortgage-advice.com

Our staff is a combination of French or UK born professionals with hands on in depth knowledge of the French legal system with regard to the purchase of your property. We also have years of practical common sense knowledge gained from living and working in France. We are there in France should you need to consult us after the successful completion of your purchase. All of our French staff is fluent in English and our English staff based in France is naturally fluent in French ensuring you a trouble free service.

The executive officer of FMA is George Quintard, Managing Director who has over 30 years experience both as an Independent Financial Adviser and Mortgage Broker in the UK as well as being a French registered IFA.

French Mortgage Advice came into existence at the request of the French Banks who had been working with our sister company I.F.S. Realising the depth of knowledge possessed by IFS in the fields of Legal and Financial advice specifically with regard to French property transactions they suggested we should expand our services to include mortgages and advice when considering a purchase of a French property. We are now the number 1 ranked Google site in this area.

Please enjoy navigating around our site and we hope you find the information we have selected in regard to buying property in France and French property law useful in connection with the purchase of your French home. Please feel free to contact us for with any further queries about our French mortgage service at the address below or by completing our Online French Mortgage Quotation form.