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Ex-Pat Tax Consultants Ltd.

Ex-Pat Tax Consultants Ltd.
Studio 24, The Kiln Hoults Estate, Walker Road
NE6 2HL Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: +44 (0) 1912245926
Email: les@expattax.co.uk
Website: http://www.expattax.co.uk

Ex-Pat Tax Consultants was formed in July 1982 as a partnership specifically to deal with the income tax affairs of a select number of Britons working in full-time employment overseas. Such individuals, who because of accommodation retained in the U.K., were obliged by law to report to HM Revenue and Customs and hopefully attain tax-free status in respect of foreign earnings. Whilst the partnership did not actively advertise its services, due to client recommendation, the reputation grew. Consequently, the select client bank grew annually until such time that the partnership was obliged to increase staff and move into more spacious business accommodation. In February 1990 the partnership had grown sufficiently to warrant limited company status.

Whilst the client bank continues to grow annually, the company is now able to accept clients from other advertising avenues and still retain the “personal touch”, on which the company has prided itself since July 1982. Having kept up to date with advances in technology, we can now service the needs of any Briton working abroad who retains accommodation in the U.K. without actually meeting “face to face”. It is in fact true to say that we have not met up to 75 % of our clients, but this has not prevented us representing them successfully and obtaining the much desired tax-free status in respect of foreign earnings etc.

All of our Income Tax Consultants are former HMRC officers and thus have first hand knowledge of the workings of HMRC.

Because of constant changes to legislation directly governing the tax affairs of Britons working abroad, the number of concerned ex-pats has grown. Consequently, the client bank continues to grow at a very healthy rate but despite this, the company will continue to give what we feel is an unrivalled professional and personal service, at an annual cost that is more than reasonable.

* HMRC Tax Return Enquiries
* Non Residence
* Foreign Tax Credits
* Budget News
* IR20/HMRC 6